Arbitrage Spread – The main trading signal and value

The main indicator for trading in the Arbinox system is Arbitrage Spread. Arbitrage Spread is the difference in rates between two crypto exchanges for the same trading pair, expressed as a percentage. Example for Quad Pair BNNC (Binance) – BITF (Bitfinex) ETH(Ethereum)-USD (USDT-Tether) : As you can see, the current […]

What is Quad Pair (QP)

Quad Pair (QP) is a trading tool in the Arbinox system for arbitrage trading. Important! Quad Pair (QP) is one of the most important elements of the Arbinox trading system Quad Pair consists of 2 exchanges and 2 cryptocurrencies. The first exchange + a pair of cryptocurrencies (the trading instrument […]

Which subscription plan is the best for me?

You should choose a subscription plan primarily based on the capital you are going to manage. The size of the capital under management directly affects the number of exchanges involved into your trading and, accordingly, the number of your arbitrage opportunities. If you are a newcomer to the arbitrage trading, […]

What are the benefits of the Arbinox Arbitrage Trading System?

Arbinox makes trading strategies based on the statistic arbitrage and used, until recently, only by hedge funds available to everyone. Arbinox is a tool to analyze and trade arbitrage strategies, which has been designed with individuals making only this type of trades in mind. This is why Arbinox offers its […]

What is crypto statistical arbitrage?

Arbitrage is buying and selling an asset of the same class in different markets simultaneously, with the purpose of profiting on the asset’s price discrepancies. As for statistical arbitrage on cryptocurrency markets, a coin is bought on an exchange A and sold simultaneously on an exchange B at a higher […]

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, or just crypto, is a kind of digital money based on the technology of cryptography, i. e. data encryption. It does not exist in any physical form, just electronically. Its major features are anonymity, decentralization and security. Cryptocurrencies are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.